You've blasted your way through the 20 games that come built into the Neo Geo X, so what's next? Last month, rumors the handheld had been discontinued suggested that was your lot, but the truth was less worrying: the limited edition Gold bundle run had come to an end. Now, Tommo Inc has detailed the first of five additional game cartridges for the portable. Neo Geo X Classics: Volume I will add 15 titles for you to wear your thumbs down on, including Metal Slug 2, King of Fighters '96and Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. The cart is due to hit North America in April for an unspecified price, and those that pick one up will get a "Rocket" high-speed data transfer and charging cable gratis, as well as the Neo Geo X System Update 1.0, which we expect to hear more details on shortly. A travel case for the handheld is also in development, and is expected to be released the same month. Hit up the PR to see the full games list for Volume I, although chances are, some of you areplaying them already.