Tucked away during last night's PlayStation 4 reveal, buried among all the new game announcements, hardware specs and controller discussion, was a little device that could actually have a surprisingly big say in the outcome of the next-gen console war - the PlayStation 4 Eye.
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The PlayStation 4 Eye is the successor to the PlayStation Eye, and the EyeToy before that. There's one very crucial difference, however - whereas previous Eyes were essentially little more than souped-up webcams with motion and colour detection, the PlayStation 4 Eye is a long bar with two cameras built in.
That second Eye literally adds an extra dimension to the PlayStation 4's player recognition abilities, since it lets the device use both cameras to track depth and figure out where a player is standing in the room. Yes, just like with Kinect.
The immediate reaction to this should be obvious - the PlayStation 4 Eye isn't just there to read the LED bar on top of the DualShock 4 controller and allow for PlayStation Move-type motion controls. It's also there to challenge Kinect, and attempt to offer the same sort of depth-based controller-free gaming Microsoft has been promoting for the past few years.