I start on Kickstarter a new fundraising launch this game comes on the heels of a development group called KTX Software Dev , perhaps unknown to many but is seems that were behind the development of several games for DC, as we read in his biography: "KTX is Developing games, serious games and engines and is the youngest division of European company Signs and Art with officies in UK, Spain and Germany. Nevertheless, young KTX Software Dev already stands behind the programming of Dux, Redux: Dark Matters (Kickstarter-Project), distributed worldwide The Haunted: Hells Reach, Pensalo, the Kha-Engine and much more - please visit the website of KTX " . . As you can see in the video the game will exploration and puzzles, or go explore a beautiful world full 2D hand-drawn and very pleasing to the eye filled with characters that we ask for help, and how to help solving the puzzles will be presented to us and once we resolved iran enabling new areas with more puzzles and some gifts and items to let us play ... In short, the game will be for Friend and Dreamcast (and maybe some systems), the goal is to reach 35,000 pounds , I guess will not be as difficult to achieve if there is interest. amenities include a special edition T-shirt, poster and stuff that we love them all! can go to the project page on Kickstarter and the KTX website for details . Anyway, I like very much this game!