If you've been on the fence about this whole Pokémon thing, just waiting to be convinced about the monster-collecting genre (thus giving away your rock-underside-located residential status) then Nintendo knows just how to tempt you: free junk. Preorder the new DS Poké-games, Diamond and Pearl, from the Gamestop -EB mega-retail conglomerate and you'll be rewarded with a stylus! Also included is a ... stylus ... holder! It's a holder for your stylus! (Back in our day, we had stylus holders too. We called them DSes.)

Naturally, both of these items are decorated with Pokemans, so friends who come anywhere near your DS-wielding hand or your designated DS Accessories Storage Area will be tipped off about your pathological need -- your addiction -- to catch 'em.

Also, it wouldn't be Pokémon if there were no incentive to buy both games -- in the case of these bonuses, the styli each have a different little Poké-mascot on top: Dialga for the Diamond version and Palkia for the Pearl version. We assure you that those are real Pokémon names and not rare diseases. Or maybe both? We don't have medical degrees.

via dsfanboy