Studios could have to sell 20-to-30 million copies to break even if game budgets and team sizes increase

The industry should be wary not to back itself into a corner and make game development economically unviable on next generation consoles, BioWare’s director of art and animation has warned.
Speaking to OXM, Neil Thompson said that the last generation of hardware caught many developers off guard with the required skillsets to make games.

He stated that the industry cannot afford another ten-fold team increase in development costs and team sizes, as studios would likely have to sell 20-to-30 million copies of a triple-A title just to break even.
Thompson added however that although next generation consoles would be a big leap from the current hardware, it wouldn’t be as obvious graphically.
“I think the main thing is that the industry doesn't get itself into a corner where it becomes economically unviable to make a game,” said Thompsom.