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Thread: Retro City Rampage dev doesn't expect profit on WiiWare

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    Default Retro City Rampage dev doesn't expect profit on WiiWare

    Developer sees the game as a gift to Nintendo console owners

    The developer bringing the old school fighter Retro City Rampage to the WiiWire, Brian Provinciano, says he doesn’t expect to profit from this version of game because of the costs involved with porting the title.
    And he’s told Nintendo Life that he’s fine with that.

    “Between the office rent, hardware, insurance, game ratings and other costs, had I not done the WiiWare version, I could’ve saved around $20,000 – not even including my salary in porting it,” he said.
    “And as it stands, virtually no games hit the threshold these days, so it's only being released as fan service. A $20,000 gift to the fans.”
    Provinciano had to acquire office space to work from, despite being a solo act, before being allows access to a WiiWare development kit.

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    See, now that is dedication, I like this guy even more, liked him since he made Space Quest playable on the GBA, and I still like him!

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