Iris Manager by 'D_Skywalk' and 'Estwald', is an open source backup manager for the PS3, made with the PSL1GHT SDK.
Changelog 2.20

- New payload v8 syscall eliminating the syscall 36 and used instead to 8 redirections. The syscall 8 works in a hidden in applications, thus respecting the other use that gives the syscall 8 in certain firmwares (LV1 Peek)

- Added multiMAN method for disc-less from / APP_HOME (thanks for commenting DeanK how it works). This increases the compatibility.

- Added patched explore_plugin.sprx method to launch the games from road / dev_bdvd when selecting / app_home/PS3_GAME. This method connects when "No Controller BDVD" and requires that each CFW patched module (see explore_plugin_notes.txt within patch_tools_libfs_exploreplugin.rar). Grid is a game thus far.

- Fixed all (****ing) problems and other productions, as authentication based disks using CFW 3.41, 3.55, 4.21 and 4.31 (yes, I've been to them all)

- Now HDD0 mounts are safer, both for the method how it can be accessed only "/ dev_bdvd" in reading.

- Added ability to restart by pressing TRIANGLE on the main screen

- Iris Manager now works in two ways, thinking about those who have BDVD operational unit and the voiceless.

- New homelaunc1 (must be installed because the former will not work)

This is a summary of the disk operating modes:

Available options are:

Requires Disc:

- With controller, disk not only asks "Yes" if no blocking routes / APP_HOME. This may prevent it from interfering with games.

- No Controller: obviously hard but never require it to "No" will be provided / APP_HOME (some games with trophies bug report, if this option is set to no). For riding HDD0 is protected.

BD Emu

- Mount BDVD: connects libfs_patched.sprx if present and mount the device as a unit / dev_bdvd. No controller is the most compatible option, especially with the "Required Disk" to "No". With controller, disk required (but not cancel / APP_HOME itself)

-LIBFS: simply connect the module and reroute the game / dev_bdvd and / APP_HOME if applicable. No controller is less compatible than "Mount BDVD". With controller, disk required (but not cancel / APP_HOME itself)

- Off: simply redirects the game to / dev_bdvd and / APP_HOME if applicable. It can work with or without disk, depending on the game

START-> Tools (Tools)

- With BDVD controller: To work with or without disc. In mounting options using USB drives or in the case of a patch HDD0 / dev_ps2disc. When activated, it goes to the XMB (to be activated to reenter)

- No controller BDVD: HDD1 is mounted in place. When activated, the unit is expelled if I had a disc inside.

NOTE: there should be no disk in this mode. No controller mode works well without reader (mine is unplugged right now) in 4.3 CFW bdemu Miralatijera with flag on).

"No parent" when required disk mode, connect seeking explore_plugin.sprx that can be easily prepared by extracting from the flash, txt following notes:

I explore_plugin is used to launch games from / dev_bdvd in ausence disc.
The CFW 4.31 Miralatijera includes the flag "bdemu" to work without BDVD controller, but you
Also need one path to launch the games: this is the path

- Extract / dev_flash / vsh / module / explore_plugin.sprx using FTP or from PUP

- Copy to the folder patch_explore_plugin.bat explore_plugin.sprx, scetool (scetool.exe, zlib1.dll
and folder "data" with the Appropriate key)

- In the case of CFW 3.41 porque patch_explore_plugin_for_3.41.bat use patch the game category
to debug too

- Run patch_explore_plugin.bat patch_explore_plugin_for_3.41.bat or as the case

- Rename explore_plugin_patched.sprx as explore_plugin_341.sprx, explore_plugin_355.sprx,
explore_plugin_355dex.sprx, explore_plugin_421.sprx, explore_plugin_421dex.sprx, explore_plugin_430.sprx
or explore_plugin_431.sprx to CORRESPONDENCE With The firmware

- Repeat: explore_plugin must to CORRESPONDENCE With The firmware!

- Copy the explore_plugin to Iris Manager folder (/ dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4)

- Enable BD-Emu Manager options in Iris "Without BDVD Controller" (press START, Tools) to work.
With preference, use "Mount BDVD" option Because It moves the game to the root of the device
(Do not worry, the fake / device is write protected dev_bdvd)

Without explore_plugin patched you can not connect / app_home/PS3_GAME with / dev_bdvd and the mode is useless