After a strong set of financial results and our first glimpse of PS4 on February 20th, we spoke to Ubisoft’s EMEA executive director Alain Corre to get the inside story of how the publisher has defied the transition and what Corre thinks of PlayStation 4.How was the PlayStation 4 event for Ubisoft? Are you relieved that you can finally start talking more openly about next-gen platforms?Obviously the current generation is in its seventh or eighth year and we were all waiting for a refresh of technology and I think it’s very good news that Sony has announced a new machine at the end of this year. I think it will re-invigorate the market a lot and it will again give anticipation to a lot of gamers, developers and also lapsed gamers coming back to gaming.When would you want PS4 to launch?We always hope that it can be earlier than later. Sony said yesterday it was holiday so hopefully holiday – we want it as early as possible this year.How much do you think it’ll cost?We really don’t know – that’s really Sony’s remit and they haven’t communicated on that so we can’t speculate. Obviously what we want is for our games to be spread as quickly as they can to as many people as is possible so when the price is lower than higher it is better.