Nintendo design guru Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted that the Wii U software library isn't yet as strong as he'd have liked, but says the platform holder is investing significantly in game development.
Speaking to
, Miyamoto suggested that the expense of getting to grips with the new platform impacted on the resources the company was able to dedicate to the development of games to launch alongside the system last year."From my perspective, I think ideally it would have been nice if we'd been able to releasePikmin 3 closer to launch, but the Wii U - though it shares the Wii name - is obviously a brand new system, with new chips and graphical capabilities," he said."It can do a lot more, and in the process of developing a lot of the features and functionality, the resources required to best utilize those features drew on some of the same resources that might have been spent developing games, thus we weren't able to bring quite as robust a lineup initially."Miyamoto added: "At the same time, we still have new things to learn about how to leverage the features and functionalities of Wii U in ways that create fun and interesting new ways to play, including new gameplay systems. As we become even more familiar with the hardware, we'll be able to do more from a software standpoint. That's an area we're currently devoting resources to."Nintendo confirmed a Pikmin 3 delay last December. The highly anticipated strategy game had been due to launch during the first calendar quarter of 2013, but will now release in the April to June window.Miyamoto said last week that Nintendo is currently prioritising the development of NFC-enabled Wii U games over those that support dual GamePads, and that the company hopes to show off its work in this area soon, even hinting at a possible reveal ahead of E3 in June.