Star Wars: First Assault, an unannounced game from LucasArts, has been put on hold, Kotaku reports. First Assault was going to host a closed beta in September, with a launch scheduled for this spring, but when Disney bought LucasFilm in September the project was put on hold, the website says.

The September beta timeline agrees with a leaked image promoting First Assault on XBLA, uncovered in early October.

Kotaku cites someone "no longer familiar with the goings-on" at LucasArts, but with knowledge of the project for the following information: First Assault was a downloadable, multiplayer shooter supporting up to 16 players in various Star Wars worlds, and was supposed to test interest in a rebuilt Battlefront game. After years of being passed around studios, having been nearly completed andcanceled, starting Battlefront 3 from scratch would probably be a good call.

We've reached out to LucasArts for more information.