Mobile boom doesn't preclude strong next-gen sales, argues Zelda creator

If customers want games enough, they're more than willing to shell out for a new device, says Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto.
The creator of Mario and Zelda told the New York Times that although he'd rather see more momentum on the Wii U, he think's it's a device that will sell well in the long run.

"We really view it as being the ideal device that families are going to want to have connected to that screen in the living room that everyone is going to gather around and watch," said Miyamoto.
"Certainly in the short term I would want to see it performing with probably a little more momentum. I think in the long term Iím not at a point where Iím concerned yet."
Miyamoto points out that entertainment is an industry that ranges from amusement parks to hollywood blockbusters, and says this diversity brings unpredictability.