Nintendo of America has confirmed plans to offer more free download content to Fire Emblem Awakening owners "all the way through spring".
Nintendo will continue to push free content to users via the system's always-on SpotPass feature. The first of this content arrived for US players today; a new map called 'A Hard Miracle' apparently "follows the story of Fire Emblem Awakening main character Chrom as he encounters a mysterious woman and sets off on a journey with her to rescue a group of kidnapped villagers".On March 28, Nintendo will release 'Ghost of Blade', "a haunted tale about a ghost and the ultimate sacrifice", followed by 'The Wellspring of Trust' on April 11 which will add "a map full of challenging enemies".'The Radiant Hero' will release on April 25, which is set "on an isolated island as Chrom and his allies search for a legendary hero".Nintendo says it will also offer additional free content in the form of "special weapons, additional playable characters and bonus challengers for the game's Double Duel multiplayer mode" in the coming weeks.