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Thread: NeoCD Redux unofficial - NeoGeo CD Emulator for Gamecube

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    Default NeoCD Redux unofficial - NeoGeo CD Emulator for Gamecube

    The gamecube love just continues to grow and now megalomaniac has posted a new NeoGeo CD Emulator for Gamecube, heres the release notes:

    03/13/2013: ( Unofficial Version 0.1.52A.1 NGC release by megalomaniac)
    - Based on NeoCD Redux 0.1.52A.
    - Thanks to infact and his efforts and work posted on github.
    - Various code changes to supress "most" compiler warnings
    - Minor Audio Rewrite:
    . "Glitchy" Audio introduced due to latest devkitppc/libogc incompatibility
    . removed original audio threading code to fix the issue
    - Added Automatic TV mode detection (based on GC IPL version)
    - Added Progressive Video display / Component cable auto detect. Supported video types:
    . 480i/480p
    . 576i/576p << need feedback to confirm if any issues with PAL video mode (slowdowns or audio)
    - Added Safemode Menu display:
    . Force Menu to display 480i video with Digital Component cable (CRT SDTV compatibility)
    . Hold L TRIGGER during bootup to activate
    - SDHC support
    - Menu enhancements: New Menu (almost complete rewrite of old code)
    - Graphical improvements < thanks infact & NEOCD - WII
    - Now supports both SD and DVD loading
    . Fixed MP3 playback < thanks NEOCD - WII
    . also added/modified ability to correctly play mp3 audio from SD and DVD
    ... old code only had compatibility for one or the other (hence, reason for previous multiple version distributions)
    . BIOS must be located on chosen media
    - BIOS search locations:
    . /neocd/bios/NeoCD.bin
    . /bios/NeoCD.bin
    . allowed original bios location to keep backwards compatibility with my old DVDs
    - Title FileBrowser now defaults to display contents from /neocd/roms/ << (yes i know it uses CDs not ROMs)
    . example: /neocd/roms/metalslug
    . broswer will default to / for DVD or if /neocd/roms is not located on SD card
    - MEM Card no longer required for "Save File":
    . Save File will now default to SD card /neocd/save.bin << thanks infact
    . option added in menu to use MEM CARD
    - Minor controller changes:
    . L Trigger will return to main menu
    . R Trigger will save file

    Confirmed Working
    Aero Fighters 2
    Aero Fighters 3
    Alpha Mission II
    Ghost Pilots
    King of the Monsters 2
    Last Resort
    Magical Drop 2
    Magician Lord
    Metal Slug
    Metal Slug 2
    Mutation Nation
    Ninja Combat
    Samurai Spirits RPG Bushidō Retsuden
    Zintrick / Oshidashi Zentrix

    Not Confirmed at the moment please post if you try

    3 Count Bout
    ADK World / ADK Special
    Aggressors of Dark Kombat
    Art of Fighting
    Art of Fighting 2
    Art of Fighting 3
    Baseball Stars Professional
    Baseball Stars 2
    Blue's Journey
    Burning Fight
    Crossed Swords
    Crossed Swords 2
    Double Dragon
    Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
    Fatal Fury 2
    Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
    Fatal Fury Special
    Football Frenzy
    Galaxy Fight
    Kabuki Klash
    Karnov's Revenge
    The King of Fighters '94
    The King of Fighters '95
    The King of Fighters '96
    The King of Fighters '97
    The King of Fighters '98
    The King of Fighters '99
    The Last Blade
    The Last Blade 2
    Last Hope
    League Bowling
    Mahjong Final Romance 2
    Mahjong Kyoretsuden
    Master of Syougi
    Neo Drift Out
    Neo Turf Masters
    Ninja Commando
    Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō
    Over Top
    Pleasure Goal 5-on-5 Street Soccer
    Power Spikes 2
    Puzzle Bobble
    Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid
    Quest of Jong Master / Mahjong Janshin Densetsu
    Quiz King of Fighters
    Real Bout Fatal Fury
    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers
    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
    Riding Hero
    Robo Army
    Samurai Shodown
    Samurai Shodown 2
    Samurai Shodown 3
    Samurai Shodown 4
    Savage Reign
    Sengoku 2
    Soccer Brawl
    Stakes Winner
    Street Hoop / Dunk Dream
    Super Baseball 2020
    Super Sidekicks
    Super Sidekicks 2
    Super Sidekicks 3
    The Super Spy
    Thrash Rally
    Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
    Top Players Golf
    Twinkle Star Sprites
    Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
    World Heroes
    World Heroes 2
    World Heroes 2 Jet
    World Heroes Perfect

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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