The team finally comes out Rebug custom version of 4.30 in Rex Edition, she enjoys to bring support to QA Flag custom 4.30.

Options for Rex Edition - Dual Kernels LV2 CEX / DEX (change Kernel EID0/LV2 using Rebug Toolbox few seconds) - All functions available Retail mode CEX (No need to install multiple firmwares) - All functions available Debug mode DEX (No need to install multiple firmwares) - Connecting to ProDG mode DEX - Compatible QA Token - Support for OtherOS + + (using Rebug Toolbox for booting OtherOS with patches LV1 different) - Spoof 4.31 (PSN / SEN switch for 4.21.1 REX only) - Package Manager (replacing the [Install Package Files]) - Disable checks system integrity (reliable with consoles that have CoreOS / SYSCON that do not match or if the ps3 n has not the QA Flag) - Patch function 114 (allows access to protected memory) - Disabling ACL checks for booting OtherOS - Supports Peek and Poke (Lv1 unused syscall 182 and 183) - Support Peek and Poke of (Lv2 Syscall 6 and 7) - Supports Peek and Poke for Lv1 (Lv2 syscall 8 and 9) - Lv1 CALL System call (syscall Lv2 10) - Allow unsigned files and act.dat. rif - Disable file non-liés/supprimés act.dat - Fake Save Data Owner in CEX and DEX (use the same safeguards Cex and Dex) - Block / unblock trophies and CEX DEX - disable Cinavia Protection mode and CEX DEX Options for '999 'DOWNGRADER - All options 3.55.3 REX EDITION (same firmware) - Downgrade any CFW it with checks "spkg sig" patched PACKAGE MANAGER: The Package Manager is a replacement for the "Install Package Files "under GAME standard in the XMB. It allows installing and deleting files. Since pkg "dev_hdd0/packages", "dev_usb / packages' and the standard way to" Install Package Files ". In addition to all this, the contained PSN downloaded appear under this option instead of cluttering the menu GAME. use: Browse by GAME in the XMB and click "Package Manager" (the same place as the old one). Three options appear: - PlayStation ® Network Content -> Manage contained the PlayStation ® Network. - Install Package Files (Install "package files" from a USB device or from the PS3). -> PS3 Hard Disk (dev_hdd0/packages ) -> Package Folder (dev_usb / packages) -> Standard Rental Package (Standard Install Package Files locations) NOTE: The option "Install all Packages" is only available by pressing TRIANGLE when "Standard Rental Package "is highlighted because the PS3 will not install batch since the root of a USB device at the moment. Package Delete Files - Delete package files from a storage device or Ps3. -> PS3 Hard Disk (dev_hdd0/packages) -> Package Folder (dev_usb / packages) -> Standard Rental Package (Standard Install Package Files locations) DELETING FILES: - Highlight the desired file and press triangle, a menu will appear - Press on cross each file or folder (both do the same thing for the moment) Rebug TOOLBOX: Rebug Toolbox is an application to take full functions of REX Rebug Firmware EDITION. In addition to the swap of EID0 CEX / DEX and Lv2 Kernel, it also acts as a FTP server and it comes with other useful tools. INSTALL: - ​​In the XMB go to GAME menu - Select Package Manager - Select Install Package Files - Select the hard disk Ps3 - Install Rebug-TOOLBOX-02.xx.xx.pkg