Pasofami a japanese NES/SNES/GB emulator has been updated.

Thanks to Try2Emu for this news.

Machine translation
Contents of version upgrade (v2.10) Pasofami (2013/03/16)

  • (This function is also available in the trial version Pasofami.) 2 enhancements create NSF
  • You can create a NSF file by selecting the file play anywhere in the NES.
  • You can create NSF files to another song selection from NSF file.
  • One song each from all the songs from NSF file, you can create a separate file as NSF. (Additional functions)
  • NSF file that you create can be heard in your favorite NES emulator and NSF player.
  • Or while playing NES files can be written to a file in the output sound ports play NSF files (NSD file).
  • By reading this NSD file, you can output MP3, WAV, MID, etc. Thus the processing of their own.