Publisher Square Enix has confirmed that Wii U is getting an exclusive Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, promising the “best looking” version so far.We’re not convinced the “striking visual improvements’ promised by the company will outshine the PC version of the game, but exceeding the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases shouldn’t be an impossible task. It’s been co-developed by Straight Right, the studio that handled the Wii U version of Mass Effect.More promising than that, though, is the news that the director’s cut will feature overhauled boss battles, though exactly how they’ve been overhauled is as yet unclear. The controversial, outsourced segmentscaused ire among players when the game was released.Director’s Cut will, of course, also feature a raft of bonus features, including developer commentaries, in-game guides, the Missing Link DLC, a New Game+ mode and GamePad functionality.“The first thing we said when we decided to make a version for the Wii U was that we didn’t want to do a port. That’s really important,” executive game director Jean-François Dugas tells Official Nintendo Magazine during an interview in the next issue, out April 10. “It was not about, ‘Oh yes, just put it on there and that’s the end of the story,’ that would have been disrespectful for the fans and it would have been disrespectful for the Nintendo fans.“For us, it was important that we were envisioning an ultimate version in which a lot of modifications would be made, and also lots of new content would be added as well. So it was important to find a company that would think like us and would want to go the extra mile to make this version the ultimate version of the game.”