Classic PS2 fighter Capcom vs. SNK 2 has been confirmed for a re-release on PS3 via the 'PS2 Classics' section of the PlayStation Store.
Capcom USA boss Christian Svensson confirmed the news, saying that the firm aims to have the game out by "the end of April"."[The] current schedule for the release of the PS2 game is the end of April," he said. "Mind you, if Sony chooses, that could move (it is later than I had originally anticipated already)," admitted Svensson.Expect the game to arrive as a 'PS2 Classic', which means it'll be an emulated version of the PS2 game without any HD changes or updates.Capcom Vs. SNK 2 director creator Hideaki Itsuno originally only teased plans to revive the game on current consoles back in October 2012.CVS2 pits Capcom's Street Fighter's against a gallery of SNK's finest brawlers and brought together their divergent fighting systems. It is highly regarded in competitive fighting game circles and still does the rounds in tournaments.