The Battlefield 4 teaser site has released a new piece of art clearly showing the futuristic-looking skyline of China's Shanghai city.
A China setting has been tipped in numerous rumour reports, and this new image (pictured right) appears to confirm that Shanghai will play host to battles in the sequel.The teaser site launched last week, asking fans to log in using their Origin accounts to reveal more information. The Shanghai art is the latest image to be released, following an image of what appears to be a female soldier, and an aircraft carrier - both alluding to new features for the series.Naval battles are also tipped after a recent Battlefield 4 video showed the propeller of a seemingly large ship.The site tells visitors to come back on March 27 for "a first look at gameplay". That's one day after the game's planned reveal event on March 26, to which EA has invited press to see the game for the first time.