A French team also leaves his custom, one of the first custom 4.31. The custom ARCH M0_od 4.31 v2.04 is based on official firmware 4.31 without SPOOF. Many thanks to Dev MiralaTijera to the recent release of its tools. In this update XMB has been completely revised to make it more fluid , friendly with quick access to the contents Ps3 accessible from the Internet.
WARNING make a backup of the console and its Nor / Nand before use.

's new / fixed: - Improved compatibility with Blu-Ray emulation - Change CoreOS: Added liblv2dbg_for_dex.sprx patched 4.31 Cex - XML changed for almost all categories - change RCO - Replacement of warning against the risk of epilepsy replaced by a custom message - Ps3 compatibility with the HS corrected - Support of Qa flag - OtherOS + + Function - Multiman SingStar replacement available for download from the spt -Market/catégorie manager homebrew (MMSS) MO_oD XML PS3 Favorites for quick access to favorite websites and web pages from the XMB: -> SPT-Team -> Blinds -> PS3 News FR -> NewsPS3 World Wide - -> Facebook -> Google -> Youtube Videos -> Music Youtube -> Converter Audio / Video -> Free -> Gulli SPT-Team Homebrew Market Download the latest CFW & OFW -> Files RAR / ZIP , recording Dev_USB00x Updated homebrew -> The icon indicates the version of the package -> PKG files, recording Dev_USB00x Update managers backups -> The icon indicates the version of the package -> PKG files, recording Dev_USB00x Updated emulators -> The icon indicates the version of the package -> PKG files, recording Dev_USB00x download themes Playstation3 (P3T) -> The icon displays a preview of the theme - -> Files P3T, recording in Dev_hdd0 \ theme download themes Multiman (THM) -> The icon displays a preview of the theme -> THM files, recording Dev_USB00x PS3/PSN Package Manager -> Install / removal of PS3/PSN downloaded packages Tutorial install: careful not to leave game disc in the blu-ray player. Stage 1 (if you are in CFW 3.55 skip this step) -> Download Firmware downgrade 4.25TO3.55, MD5 : 49D80E07FC1F5CA1B0840E02E94635DB. -> Rename to PS3UPDAT.PUP down425to355.pup, format a USB flash drive fat32 and create a folder named "PS3" in the key in the PS3 folder create another folder named "UPDATE" in which you copy / paste the file "PS3UPDAT.PUP" that you renamed. PS3 => UPDATE => PS3UPDAT.PUP -> Connect the USB to the console and update via the XMB in setting / system update / update via storage media / follow the instructions that are displayed screen Step 2 -> Install and launch the Toqqle QA to QA Flag activate the menu (console must be a black screen and beep 3 times and then restart the XMB if at work). Attention, toggle QA QA Flag disables the menu if it is already running before, check by following the key combo by standing on the NETWORK setup menu of the XMB. hold keys one after each other so that they are all kept at the end of the combo => L2 / L1 / L3 / R3 / R1 / R2 / DOWN on the directional cross and there you should see the Debug menu Setting / Install_package_File / Eddy / menu appear. - Install Kmeaw CFW by RECOVERY Mode - Now that you are on CFW 3.55 kmeaw, 4.31 CFW v2.04 install via the XMB and enjoy. Md5: 7A5F23CFDBFEC8111A1C28E5BC1F127C Extra Step: Adding the category TV -> Download this package VidZone Install the package via "install_package_file" then restart the ps3 problem recognition ps3 controller without the USB cable: - Turn on the PS3 using the PS button on the controller, wait until they arrived on the PS3 menu (XMB) and then press and hold the PS button on the controller until the status LED flashes red, then release and press the PS button again, that , your controller is connected without the need for charging cable. Important: NOTE 1: Do not change the internal hard drive of the console under the CFW 4.31, it is imperative to downgrade to 3.55 to minimize all risks NOTE 2: If you the console that goes all alone in Factory Mode made ​​as follows: Download: LV2Diag.self Format a USB stick FAT32 and copy it in and connect the USB on the PS3 on the USB rightmost when looking at the front console and turn on the console, wait until extinction. Then remove the USB key and turn on the console again, it will be exiting Factory. 3 NOTE: NOT COMPATIBLE FOR PS3 IN A TOP OFFICIAL FIRMWARE 3.55. More info to come on http://ps3extranet. ludo1421 Thank you for Information. official site: ps3-solution-for-all