Ps3 continuous stage in its course and it is the Spanish MiralaTijera is the first to release a custom 4.40. His method is different from custom Rogero and other Rebug team is that it is a patch to apply on the official Sony firmware. Simply download the patch and the Sony Firmware . ATTENTION to backup the console and its Nor / Nand before use. 's new / fixed: - sys_init_osd (special LEED) - lv1 peek / poke - lv2 peek / poke - nas_plugin patched (installation Pkg) - Hash Syscon patched - explore_plugin patched (installation normal Pkg) - QA flag - appldr, lv2 hash - appldr, ECDSA - isoldr, ECDSA - spu_pkg_rvk_verifier, ECDSA - spu_token_processor, ECDSA - Core 3.0.1 integrated (for synchronization problems pad, "/ dev_usb000/flags/nosearch") - sys_init_osd no longer exists, it is replaced by CORE - Led evergreen for instant options of BDEMU without OtherOS and Bluray player are not yet supported by this first version. might normally be installed from any custom firmware it, and perhaps reinstall itself. Risks of brick are possible on consoles downgraded. thank you to the green-to information. Cex Delta 4.40 Official website: