Tech giant updates Scaleform, Navigation, Beast and HumanIK tools to be next-gen ready

Autodesk is bringing its entire suite of Gameware tools to the PS4, the middleware outfit has confirmed to Develop.
Autodesk has an abundance of development tech including user interface solution Scaleform, lighting tech Beast, character animation middleware HumanIK, AI and pathfinding tool Navigation, and 3D data transfer kit FBX.

The firm's technology has been used in a plethora of triple-A titles such as Mass Effect, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Assassin's Creed.
As well as supporting the PS4, Autodesk has also released a number of updates for its tools in preparation for next-gen consoles.
Scaleform 4.3 includes new features such as support for additional ActionScript 3 application programming interface classes to help increase platform compatibility, and native extensions for Adobe AIR, which will enable developers to use third-party and community-developed extensions in the tool.