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    Default rRootage 1.5

    Do you remember rRootage which was originally released awhile back to the homebrew community . Well good news, a updated version is now available to the PlayStation Homebrew community . rRootage 1.5 is now compatible with the latest PSP CFW 6.XX . This awesome version of rRootage 1.5 has some pretty awesome graphics that users are going to enjoy as well as some pretty cool game play . Feel free to read a bit more about this latest version below .
    Entertaining type shoot em up game. It will test our reflexes to Dodge all sorts of weapons us launch (very varied by the way). Our ship is tiny, will cost us a little bit at the beginning to appreciate it, at higher levels we appreciate it greatly. We will be winning lives as we puntuemos and retrieving bombs.
    To start the game, you will see a row of squares to the left. The top row are apparently nothing. By clicking on the following well play each level by pressing X. The last square below removes all game.
    We shoot by pressing X and observant pumps of protection by pressing or.
    Improvements v1.5 (Compatible for CFW 6. XX)
    Compatible version for the new CFWs 6. XX

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