Uberjack who originally released his PSP Emulators here at DCEmu has posted some news at his site concerning those emulators:Its been a while since I last wrote anything here Ive been writing chunks of stuff at Google+, mostly regarding my current project, CocoaMSX. Ive migrated vast majority of my PSP emulators to Google Code PSPs SVN repository seems to be one of the most frequently accessed parts of my site, so I figured itd make sense to make it a lot more widely accessible, as well as allow me to eventually retire my repository. All binaries have been migrated including past releases and both 1.50 and 2.00 variants. Source is available as well, but since the original repository contained all the projects, I ended up discarding the revision history, in order to ease the transition. The only repository that has not been migrated is NeoPop, because RACE PSP made it unnecessary. A while back, I wrote about receiving a note from Google regarding the Federal Government taking up interest in sites that hosted pirate Android apps. Ive since received official confirmation that indeed, the wheels of justice are turning if only a bit slowly. If piracy did harm the sales of the app (and I have reasons to believe that it did), it did so at the worst time possible for me at a time when no official client was yet available. While its too late for Spark 360, I hope it will improve the commercial landscape for current and future Android developers, and not drive them away. I will finally be attending Google IO this year after trying to secure attendance unsuccessfully in 2011 and 2012 although I did attend an Extended session at one of Googles campuses. It should be interesting to see what Google has coming this year especially after the poorly received Google Q, and the disturbingly Orwellian Google Glass of last year. There has been a lot of speculation about a new Android-based watch from Samsung something to which Im particularly looking forward.http://0xff.akop.org/2013/03/23/goings-on/