Electronic Arts has reportedly confirmed that Battlefield 4 is on its way to PlayStation 4.
While it would seem inevitable that the high-end shooter will arrive on Sony and Microsoft's next consoles, developer DICE and publisher EA
have been reluctant to even discuss next-gen console versions
.According to Polygon, however, at least one 'EA official' at GDC was prepared to confirm a PS4 version."The game is coming to the Windows PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360, according to Electronic Arts officials," reports Polygon."While the PS4 edition is not currently listed on the official pre-order site for the game, an Electronic Arts official confirmed that the game is coming to the platform," it adds.DICE executive producer Patrick Bach dodged questioning regarding next-gen console versions of BF4 in an interview with CVG today.BF4's creative director Lars Gustavsson has also refused to confirm a PS4 or next-Xbox version during talks with press at GDC this week.Battlefield 4 was revealed last night with a visually intense gameplay trailer running on PC, with graphics clearly far beyond the capabilities of current-gen console hardware.Pre-orders for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are now open, despite the fact that DICE is yet to show those versions of the game running.