Rogero us today his custom 4.40.

WARNING make a backup of the console and its Nor / Nand before use. This custom has been tested on many different models of PS3 testers and no problems were encountered. Like all custom, it must be installed with caution and following the appropriate instructions, nobody will be held responsible in case of damage.

's new / fixed: - v1.00 (initial build) - v1.01 (private beta build) - This custom can be installed from the XMB on any official firmware 3.55 or custom 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.40 patched with spkg - Patch to disable Cinavia protection contained on the HDD - Add patches needed to "* Install Package Files" (thank you Szalay and "hidden Man" ) - The HDD can be changed and reinstalled without custom problem - Lv1 patched to disable the protections Lv2 - Lv1 patched for peek and poke - Lv1 Hash Check Core OS patched to the risk of brick on consoles not dehashé - patched Lv2 peek and poke for - QA Flag enabled by default - Bybass RSOD screen to allow consoles with RSOD start - access PSN / SEN as the "passphrase" does not change - it can run all games up to 4.40 without patch of Eboots - Can be used directly with a hardware flasher downgrade with the new soft "Nand ​​and Nor PS3 v0.04 Auto Patcher" WARNING: - This CFW has the LV1 checks disabled and can be installed on downgraded console, even if you have not done a "Dehash / Reset" Syscon properly. - Always dump NOR / NAND using Multiman or memdump before installing this CFW to have a dump where bricks. Having a valid NOR dump / NAND is an essential step prior to an update, you will always have a way to recover (using a hardware flasher) when you have a valid dump. A flash hardware alone without a valid dump can not fix a PS3 Bricke . - Check the MD5 of the downloaded file. - Do not have a disc in the PS3, the console would update the disk first - You must be 3.55 or custom official 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.40 to install. Installation from any OFW above 3.55 does not work. - The downgrade to 3.55 is still possible thanks to Kash for lexou06 and information. official website: