APB was an ambitious MMO built by Crackdown dev Realtime Worlds but it flopped, hard. The game died but was resurrected by Reloaded as a free-to-play MMO. We reviewed APB Reloaded last year and it wasn't very good.Now there's a new persistent online APB game on the cards called APB Vendetta, not Vienetta, made by Reloaded, and it's targeting PC and PS4.But it's not funded yet. This is a Kickstarter pitch for $300,000."APB Vendetta is a character-driven extreme mobility competitive shooter inspired by the APB Reloaded universe, built on an entirely new high-agility game system featuring extreme movement mechanics, melee combat, dual-wield weapons, character-specific finishing moves, a fighting-game ethos, customizable private servers, modding tools and an upgraded game engine using the latest (2013) version of Unreal 3."Got that? There's lots more detail on the APB Vendetta Kickstarter page.