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Thread: Turn your Turbo Grafx16 into a PC Engine with a language switch

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    Default Turn your Turbo Grafx16 into a PC Engine with a language switch

    I found this website and decided to try putting a language switch on my Turbo Grafx16. I'll let you all know if it works if I can find an 8-pole-double-throw-switch (8pdts). Or if anyone knows where I can find one?

    Anyway, here's the site with instructions...[email protected]

    And the parent site with extra info and some pictures...[email protected]/

    Please post if this was helpful to anyone..

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    I too found that tutorial and fancied giving it a go. Stripped the machine down bought some suitable ribbon cable etc etc and then........spent a bloody age trying to fine an 8 pole switch. Tried Maplin, Farnells and a couple of other places to no avail. Found a couple of places in the states selling them but they'd only sell them in lots of 50 !!!, don't suppose you want 49 do you !!.

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