The latest VHBL release for Apache Overkill had several compatibility issues. Some of these issues have now been fixed, through a mod by JeoWay. Jeoway has taken the time to improve the latest VHBL to add better support.
According to his thread, the update improves homebrew compatibility and some of the homebrew that he has gotten to work are:

  • Lamecraft (Terrain generation works)
  • DOOM (Sound works right most of the time, playable)
  • SNES9xTYL 042 (only this specific version)
  • gpsp kai (The emulator itself works fine, saving is a bug in the emulator)
  • yMenu
  • pyMenu
  • Nazi Zombies Portable

He has still not managed to get Daedalus working though (and a note for those who ask, DaedalusX64 will not work with VHBL, as it requires Kernel access. Older versions of Daedalus might however work eventually).