Cxbx correctness-fixes Git (2013/04/07) is compiled. Cxbx correctness-fixes Git is a branch of Cxbx. Cxbx is an Xbox emulator for the Microsoft Windows operating system developed by a group of programmers led by a hacker named Caustik and written in the C++ programming language. Cxbx's goal is to convert a game from an Xbox executable to a native Windows executable.

Cxbx correctness-fixes Git Changelog:
* Implement ExFreePool and bugfix for ExAllocatePoolWithTag
* More conformant implementation of ExAllocatePool and ExAllocatePoolWithTag
* Implementation of RtlAssert() when triggered within emulated program
* Initial implementation of KeSetTimerEx
* Resolve some potential confusion with 64bit pointers, and extra documentation behind the use of a magic number in KeInitializeTimer