Ubisoft roared confirmation Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is an 80s-styled standalone shooter (you don't need FC3 to play it) headed for XBLA, PSN, and PC on May 1. The dragon's been out of the bag for a while, but today's announcement brings with it a new VHS-like trailer, along with news that PC purchases also get a copy of the game's bodacious soundtrack, as provided by Power Glove.

From what we've seen of Blood Dragon, the only narrative tie to Far Cry 3 is the open-world island setting. Beyond that, the game is a humor-laden spinoff with a new protagonist, Sgt. Rex Power Colt, a cyborg commando played by The Terminator and Aliens star Michael Biehn. It's set in a near future recoiling from "Vietnam War 2" and a recent nuclear attack on North America - well, by near future we mean one for the 1980s... which is 2007.

As the screens below show, Blood Dragon's look is far removed from the sunny skies and tropical greenery of Far Cry 3. However, players of Ubisoft's 2012 shooter will find the mechanics of this new game very familiar, both in terms of basic actions and the overall approach. You're capturing outposts once more, this time bases controlled by rogue cyborg military group Omega Force, and you're also hunting wildlife again, except now they're colossal reptiles called blood dragons whose bodies are literally lined with neon and who, just as literally, shoot lasers out of their eyes.

There's no word on a price - although a new Steam listing has it marked for $14.99 - but if you're after further details, or just further confirmation this isn't some pharmaceuticals-induced illusion, then make sure you check out our hands-on impressions later today.