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Thread: Last Hope - Back In Stock at Play Asia

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    Dreamcast Last Hope - Back In Stock at Play Asia

    Its great to think that Dreamcast games are still selling so well all these years after the death of the DC.

    Play Asia has posted that they have Last Hope again in stock, heres the rundown on the game for those who dont know what it is:

    Free 360° rotary protection unit for shooting and dodging enemy fire
    Six stages with checkpoints
    Four difficulty levels
    Hand drawn backgrounds
    Fully animated CGI enemies
    Superb video game style soundtrack
    Constant 60 fps with up to 4 parallax layers
    Lighting and transparency FX
    Smooth plasma FX
    Developer: NGEV.TEAM

    The evil empire is rushing at light-speed across the galaxies, heading towards Mother Earth. Barely 24 hours ago, they penetrated the last defense line of our galaxy, the Arsion Laser Belt. Millions of innocent people perished in outer space colonies. 70% of our fleet was destroyed during first contact. Our intelligence has now extrapolated their arrival within six days. Conventional weapons cannot stop them. Our last hope is in your hands: The Z-42 Warpstar. Warp into their territories and destroy their leader before they reach Earth.

    Last Hope is a shooting game with rotating satellite system and heavy influence by tactical game play. Memorizing level architecture and enemy patterns are necessary for further approaching. The satellite and the beam are the most important components of the game mechanics. You have to learn to deal with both techniques in interaction with the other. It is possible to rotate the protection unit in 360° around the playership and to engage it in 8 gradations. Just press "A" to shoot, "R-Trigger" to rotate clockwise and "L-Trigger" to rotate anticlockwise.

    The protection unit mainly serves the defense of enemy plasma projectiles and to fire a stronger plasma shot. There are four difficulty settings: very easy, easy, normal and hard. Less experienced players can enjoy the game on very easy and easy, while experienced players will enjoy the game on normal or challenging it on hard. There are a total of 6 stages. These vary from a sandily space laboratory, a channel fulfilled with muddy water, a idyllic landscape with floating continents, a soul melting enemy factory on fire to an eerily and muggy alien stage.

    Last Hope is comparable to classics like R-Type and Gradius. Yet it has it's own visual impressive graphic style and fresh game play. It also features a superb 16-bit digital audio soundtrack, which suits perfectly the games atmosphere.

    Exclusive features only available in the Dreamcast™ compatible version:

    16-bit CD soundtrack

    VMU support (saving + visuals)

    DC joypad + arcade stick support (R- and L-trigger support)

    Use of DCs soundchips (64 channels/stereo)

    Exclusive Dreamcast™ Game Modes:

    Adjusted difficulty (Reduction of shoot frequency and flight velocity of enemy bullets / no rank)

    Explosions / particle effects reduced for more clarity on screen

    Better hitting response for hit enemies

    Improved visualization of boss hit zone

    Buy from Play Asia

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    The topic you linked to reads:

    Dreamcast Last Hope Shipping Now!
    ...and was posted four weeks ago. This topic's title however is:

    Last Hope - Back In Stock at Play Asia

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    Was it ever out of stock? As far as I knew, only the LE was sold out.

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