BioWare has released a trailer to mark the release of 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel', the first digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Priced at $19.99/11.99 or at half of that price for current subscribers, Rise of the Hutt Cartel introduces new story content, a fresh planet called Makeb, and raises the level cap to 55.Here's the official PR on the new Makeb missions:"In Rise of the Hutt Cartel, players will explore a new storyline on the beautiful and exciting new planet of Makeb. Here players will continue their faction storylines as they fight against a nefarious new threat, the Hutt Cartel, attempting a take-over of the planet and all its resources. As players progress through the new levels they will earn new gear and abilities, along with access to new Elder Game content. As part of the experience, players will also be able to acquire new technological gear including Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droids, which take players on galaxy-spanning new missions to unlock valuable rewards.This follows closely behind the release of the Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.0 update 'S$#@! and Villainy', which added, among many changes, a new level-55 operation called 'Legions of S$#@! and Villainy'.