PS4’s launch line-up will be stronger than any previous PlayStation launch, lead system architect Mark Cerny has stated.Speaking to Gamasutra, Cerny explained some of the new hardware’s systems in detail and said that because PS4 has more accessible PC-style architecture, it’ll be simple for developers to port their games to the system – and that means a surfeit of launch software.“The launch line-up for PlayStation 4 – though I unfortunately can’t give the title count – is going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware. And that’s a result of that familiarity,” said Cerny.It takes “weeks, not months” to port a game engine from the PC to the PlayStation 4, added Cerny.He went on to explain how Sony’s Play-Go tech works, which will allow PS4 owners to download games as they’re being played.“So, what we do as the game accesses the Blu-ray disc, is we take any data that was accessed and we put it on the hard drive,” said Cerny. “And if then if there is idle time, we go ahead and copy the remaining data to the hard drive. And what that means is after an hour or two, the game is on the hard drive, and you have access, you have dramatically quicker loading… And you have the ability to do some truly high-speed streaming.”There’s plenty more technical detail in the full interview on Gamasutra.We recently published an interview with Michael Denny on the five years’ planning that led up to the PS4 reveal, and revealed the origins of PS4′s Share button. You can find out how Evolution Studios influenced the design of PS4′s DualShock 4 pad and why the new console is more than a high-end PC, according to Guerrilla Games, through the links.