Oceanic adventure game Big Blue, put together by members of the team that made Ecco the Dolphin, has failed its Kickstarter bid. The game raised just under $56,000, falling well short of its $665,000 goal.

Creator Ed Annunziata isn't giving up though, and has already announced plans to launch a second Kickstarter campaign.

Annunziata admitted that "it is hard to get people to see how compelling a game like the Big Blue will be," and revealed plans for Little Blue, which will essentially serve as a "slice" of the original project. Little Blue will require a "much lower" level of funding, and should serve to properly convey Big Blue's full potential to players. The game will be less ambitious, featuring significantly fewer environments and creatures, though one of the two playable creatures is promised to be a dolphin.

Assuming its funding is successful, Little Blue will be launched for free and contain a link to forward players to another Kickstarter for the full-fledged Big Blue. For the moment, the launch date for the Little Blue Kickstarter is still murky.