As for 4.31, Peanut out one of the first custom 4.41. The custom ARCH Arch V1.00 4.41 is based on an official 4.41 firmware without SPOOF.
V1.00 Features:

- cfw release Overwrite (overwrites any existing CFW's CEX)
- Compatible downgrade downgrade using a PUP (as 4.25to3.55)
- Support OtherOS + + compliant
- Qa-Flag Menu supported
- Support Toolbox v1.04 Rebug for CEX options
- Support for Ps3 has undergone a downgrade by E3 flasher chip or other type ...
- Change HDD supported (disc swap)
- Compatible ps3 blu-ray off (must be the same player if off is still plugged into the console)
- BDEMU full actived (use a backup manager last generation)
- No Spoof
- Login SEN (attention to the risk of banishment) Category Network added and updated for this version 4.41: NAVI -Quick-Web - * Google Search / google video / youtube music / video youtube - * Site U.S.: psx stage / ps3hax / ps3news / - * ps3ita / elotrolado (EOL) / brewology - spt-team blog * - * game news Homebrew Backup manager - * Multiman 4.xx / IrisManager / Multiman SingStar 4.xx / replacement Homebrew Tools - * section download homebrew tools (psid patch, retroArch version spoofer 2.3 openps3ftp etc ...) PS3 Theme - * 22 themes available fixed or dynamic in the latest released THM Theme Multiman SingStar (note: only one theme is available for the moment, that of BO2, I have not had time to do yet) Installation: Remove all DVD / BD games PS3 Blu-Ray player! Rating => If you have not activated the QA-Flag menu and you want to have the active menu on CFW 4. + so you will go from a CFW3.55 Kmeaw to activate launching the package => toggle-qa.rar. If this menu does not interest you, then follow the tutorial below. MD5 => 6eb888667a684820d9fbcdf2bd7ce279 Copy / paste the PS3 folder in the archive to a USB drive formatted in fat32 Connect the key to the console and go to the menu "Settings / System Update / update no storage media and follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen. Note 2 => go through the Recovery mode (option 6) If you have a problem to install the CFW by XMB menu. Procedure Downgrade to 3.55: Download and unzip the archive => CFW Downgrade 4.25to3.55 Copy / paste the PS3 folder to a USB drive formatted in fat32 Connect the key to the console and install CFW Downgrade via Parameter / menu System Update / Update via Storage Media / day Install and launch the package => toggle-qa.rar Once done, stand on "Network" in the "Settings" menu and display the menu QA -flag using the following key combo: Keep all keys: L1 + L2 + L3 + R3 + R1 + R2 + D-pad DOWN Then turn off the console and turn it into Recovery mode and install CFW 3.55 Kmeaw or official 3.55 option 6 Recovery Mode Problems with games Ps2 Classic may be encountered. ludo1421 Thank for information. official website: