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Thread: More details on PlayStation HOME... lots more

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    ps3 More details on PlayStation HOME... lots more

    via ps3fanboy

    The semi-official ThreeSpeech has gotten some extra-juicy details about HOME that you may or may not have been wondering about. Some of this has already been talked about, but there's quite a bit that's not as well-known. Time for a list! Imagine a collective quotation around the whole thing.

    "Is the first of its kind on a computer entertainment console
    A unique blend of community, user-generated content, collaboration and commerce that is the future of computer entertainment.
    Will broaden the online community market in the same way that the PlayStation brand has broadened the gaming market
    Will take the mystery and the geekiness out of online interaction, and make it as easy as text messaging or picking up the phone
    Is inclusive and welcoming, not exclusive and daunting like current offerings
    Is the gateway and start point for a whole raft of future PlayStation Network services"

    "Not exclusive and daunting like current offerings"? What? Maybe the codes needed to make friends on the Wii, but XBox Live hasn't really been described as exclusive or daunting. Whatever. There's a lot more to be read on this subject... so please, click the continued link and prepare to read about HOME.

    "It allows PS3 users to interact, communicate, join online games, shop, share private content and even build and show off their own personal spaces to others in real time."
    It's a free download!
    Launched directly from the XMB
    Customizing your personal "homespace" will indeed cost money from the PS-Store... but they aren't forcing you to get anything.
    Closed beta this spring, probably released later on... like... fall?
    Multiple language support

    Also listed were some key aspects of many different parts of the HOME system. These include:

    HOME Space
    Design and build your own apartment, house or even neighbourhood.
    Purchase new landscapes, apartments and furniture

    Purchase new clothing sets, pets and accessories for your character
    Purchase functional items to add value to your private Home experience
    Leave your mark on the world with premium player-created content tools.

    Share photos, movies and music from your PS3 HDD with friends in your personal space.

    Meeting game-specific lobbies to discuss games, get new content or team up for online gameplay

    Individual lobbies created by first and third parties allow for consumer interaction, commerce

    Why is this not a rip-off of XBL and even... why it is superior? "Home is a first of its kind 3D community that allows for open interaction between consumers, SCE and third party partners. It is a truly interactive, global community of users. Xbox Live is a static, 2D, text-heavy environment that can't match the rich community features found in Home. Xbox Live community interaction is much more passive and limited to the members on that friend's list."

    Phew! Goodness gracious! That was a lot more information than I initially thought I was getting into. Anyway, feel free to check out the complete breakdown on ThreeSpeech. We've got to take a break and take some advil... our typing fingers hurt.

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