The English DS Link website has finally updated the files on it.

DSLink software 1.70 version

DSLink English kernel update 1.70 version

1.ROM number in fornt of the file name will be automatically added when replaced by the Chinese name or English name, choose this function in the software setting.

2.Add the choice of ROM processing mode 2 in the software setting. If there is any problem when writting any rom in the mode of default, for example, it appears white sreen after heading cartoon in 0094, in this time user can try this mode 2. But the writting speed of the default processing mode is faster, mode 2 is not recommended at ususal time.

3.0193,0659,0804 support soft-reset function.

4.Solve the problem of 0836 that appears error and can not enter the game, and all are well after reseted using soft-reset function.

5. Solve the problem that some games appear white screen when using their own soft-reset function.

6.Solve the problem that some game appear wrong screen.

7. Chinese and English game name libraries are updated to NDS:0839,GBA:2683
Simplified English game name library:
DSLink software game name library, kernel game names

Note: Please manually delete the romname.lst of the directory of system_ in the TF card, DSLink software will automatically install the new romname.lst while add ROM.

How to update kernel:

1.Copy _DSLINK_.NDS file to the root directory in the TF card.

2.Enter DSLink's interface to run this NDS file, and then appears the kernel update interface. User can also enter kernel update by long pressing START key.

3.Click SELECT key to start updating in the update interface. It has schedule sign, and updates successfully when it shows to shut off the power.

Note: If there is any accidental error while updating, user can follow the sign on the screen or long pressing START key to restart NDS to update it again. And user can also copy _DSLINK.NDS file to any other GBA flash card which can run NDS file to update DSLink.

In additon, since time is limited, some saver problems(0547,0696,0727) that have not been solved in this version and the update of GBALink software will both be solved in the near future.