Toki Tori 2+ will be released via Steam for Windows PC on July 2, developer Two Tribes has confirmed.
The '+' in the title is representative of new content that will be added to the PC version over the Wii U original.PC gamers will be treated to a new level editor letting you create your own levels, and Steam Workshop integration which will allow you to share your creations with other players.
New achievements and additional puzzles will also be added to the PC version.
Two Tribes has also made several gameplay tweaks. A guide mechanic in early levels will help prevent gamers getting stuck too early in the game.
Levels will also contain new gates to "make sure you can reach your intended destination more efficiently". Navigation will also be tweaked, with an improved world map, along with new stand-out landmarks which will "help the player to better understand its position on the world map".
A company rep has confirmed, "we'll update the Wii U version with the Steam version changes that make sense on the platform," including the level editor, which is "still planned for an update".