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Thread: N64 Magazine 7 - october 1997 (UK)

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    Default N64 Magazine 7 - october 1997 (UK)

    Returning yet again to the Nintendo side of things, this week we are proud to present to you the digitally restored issue of the latest N64 Magazine.
    Our first two highlighted articles a bit special. The first one takes a look at how N64 games actually work, while the second one looks at how to go about buying video game magazines in Japan in 1997. After all of this we take a look at the review for the underrated, yet highly entertaining, not to mention extremely original take on Tetris, with Tetrisphere.
    And to finish of we take a look at the following Formula 1 racer for the system: F1 Pole Position 64.

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    Oh God, I think I had this issue!

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