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    psp 300: March to Glory marches out new screens

    via Computer and Video Games

    New screenshots from PSP action game 300: March to Glory have put on their marching boots and marched all over this page. Well, it is March after all.

    Influenced by movie 300 in terms of style and feel, the game drops you into the shoes of King Leonidas, who leads 300 Spartans against Xerxes and his gigantic Persian army. As Leonidas, you get to wave shield, sword and spear in threatening manner at the enemy, and we're promised that the action will be an experience of visceral proportions.

    Screens in link above. Leave feedback via comments.

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    Yer i have it... it is a very good game

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    Yeah, it's a decent game, though those screenshots try to make it look better than it is... He's running around with dual swords on levels where he's not supposed to have them, yet.

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