For those who did not yet know we have partnered with Evil Dragon aka Michael of Open Pandora and their project to bring all of 3D Realms titles we have licensing for to be sold on the Pandora repo/app store under the GCW name.
Right now Duke Nukem, Hocus Pocus,Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, and Monster Bash are for sale under the GCW name now for the Pandora on their repo/appstore.
We feel this will be a great partnership and hopefully attract more commercial software companies to sell their games on our repo/app store in turn we will also sell them on the Pandora repo/appstore.
We also hope this will attract more homebrew/indie developers to the GCW Zero that had no clue we existed until we got this exposure.
Status update on progress we hope to have all GCW Zero SE models completely shipped on Tuesday 6/18/2013 and start the process of shipping the KickStarter models.
Another question was asked about shipping yes vendors will be shipped at same time as Kickstarter orders but will not be shipping their models till after all the KS orders are filled.