Our friends are Exophase were lucky enough to be at E3 this year and test the PS4. Several tech blogs mentioned that the PS4 seemed to have some lags here and there, but frozenIpaq was apparently the only person there interested enough to take a screenshot of an actual crash of the device.

That screenshot of a PS4 crash reveals a few interesting things. First of all, exophase have an interesting theory that the hard driveís usable size will be closer to 400GB than the advertised 500GB. Iíll let you look at the source link below for details on how they reach this conclusion, but basically thatís because of a mix of typical Hard Drive manufacturer white lie + the space reserved by the system.

The crash screen also shows the Firmware version (0.930.068), and indicates that the PS4 running at E3 is a debug device (thatís not a surprise if youíre used to how Sony works with devs, but still an interesting bit of trivia).

Finally, there seems to be a possibility that that Demo (Knack) was running from a Developerís box rather than the PS4 itself. Now donít get me wrong, Iím just saying that the content is hosted on a devís hard drive, and run from there by the PS4 system. Something similar was already doable on the PS3 with debug units, and thatís also what we do for homebrew development on the PSP with PSPLink. This is just a typical way for devs to be able to run their stuff directly from the machine that compiled the code, rather than having to copy contents constantly to the device.

Truly, the screenshot does not show much, all these details however tend to confirm that the machine that was running the demo is not the final retail product, from both a software and hardware point of view.

via http://wololo.net/2013/06/15/first-c...ut-the-device/