TempGBA v1.43 is released. TempGBA is a Game Boy Advance emulator based on NDSGBA with planned improvements and bug fixes. This emulator will only work with a DSTWO flashcard.

TempGBA v1.43 Changelog:

* Supports more than 511 elements in a folder without crashing, RAM permitting. A progress indicator appears if a directory is large. For example, "Loading... (950)" indicates that the file selector has looked at 950 entries so far.
* The screenshot slideshow does not crash with an exception if there are no screenshots.
* It should not be possible anymore to be "locked" into the last page if it has 1 or 2 elements and you enter it with the R shoulder button.
* Sorting has been optimised with GameYob's quicksort code.
* Folders are now sorted inline with files.