NesEmu2 Git (2013/06/15) is released. NesEmu2 is an nes emulator supporting more accuracy and better compatability than the original nesemu.

NesEmu2 Git Changelog:
* Removed unused files.
* Merge branch 'work'

Fixed conflicts, merged work with master.
* Work on the movie module. Added basic support for automated tests by
storing the crc32 of the screen in the movie files.
* Added in-game only movie recording/playback. Updated input code. Small fixes to console module.
* CartDB now has basic ability to detect mappers used by reading the
chip/pin data stored in the XML file.
* Improved sprite0 code for speedup. Reworked the way pixels are rendered
to the screen for more accuracy and speedup.
* Removed seperate battery backed ram areas (sram/svram) and added reading
the database/using header flags for battery status.