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Thread: Analyst expects PS3 price cut of $100 this October

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    ps3 Analyst expects PS3 price cut of $100 this October

    via Joystiq

    In a note to investors today, Goldman Sachs analyst Yuji Fujimori predicted that Sony will drop the price of the PS3 by $100 dollars this October. So how will the price cut be justified? Volume! Kidding, Fujimori cites the reduction of good ole fashion parts; the fewer there are, the cheaper it is to manufacture.

    For example, PSX was originally manufactured with 700 components, later reduced to 200. The PS2: 2,000 parts reduced to 600. A smaller cell processor should help reduce costs as well. So for those still sitting on the fence, would a $100 PS3 price drop sway you into buying; or would it take more than that?

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    id buy only if the ps3 drop by $200. $100 is not much off the ps3 and if i'm to buy it here in ireland it would still be too dear.

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    even it's still a bad price

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