It's the million dollar question, the one that's on everyone's lips - can videogame TV shows actually work?

Well, XLEAGUE.TV reckons they can, as it's delivering an eSports television channel on Sky.

XLEAGUE.TV will feature the likes of matches and league tournament play - complete with commentary and league analysis - along with news, reviews and "magazine format shows", according the evangelising PR.

The channel is due to launch in spring - so any time now - and the TV show is being integrated with a dedicated website - linked to above - where the leagues are maintained. It's not just catering to PC gamers either, console fans.

Does a TV channel dedicated to eSports appeal? Would you like to sit and watch four players going head-to-head in Supreme Commander with an excitable commentator filling in the dull moments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

via cvg