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Thread: How to make a better Nintendo DS

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    NDS How to make a better Nintendo DS

    via DS Fanboy

    Next-Generation's Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh acknowledges that the Nintendo DS is an industry-changing system, but still sees the portable console as an "unfinished project." He wrote up a wishlist of improvements that he feels would fulfill the handheld's potential, extending its shelf-life. And while we've already seen dozens of message board topics filled with wild-eyed suggestions and what-they-should-really-do ideas in the past, Eric's revisions actually sound half-way sane.

    So what are some of his seven steps for making a better Nintendo DS? Slap on some internal flash memory, paving the way for firmware updates and a Virtual Console setup for handheld games (GB/GBA/NGPC/etc.). Allow for an expandable, customizable system interface. Flesh out its WiFi support by integrating Pictochat and developing a unified online service.

    They're all great recommendations, but one has to wonder how implementing those changes would affect the portable's retail price. The DS probably wouldn't have been such a success if it weren't for its impulse-buy pricing. Still, we would love to see Eric's suggestions make it into the handheld's next revision.

    We're sure that our readers have their own ideas on what the next Nintendo DS should have. VoIP capabilities? A flux capacitor? Maybe just throw some Ds on it? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think would make a better Nintendo DS!

    Leave feedback via comments.

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    They should add some memory to the ds and allow you to use the Wii to let you play you're VC games (excluding the 64) on the go. Then it might even make me buy some more VC games.

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    Plenty RAM, atleast like 64MB.

    RAM does a world of difference to a handheld i.e more textures (higher quality too), more AI running, more ppl online everything....

    Use new standard of WiFi (n).

    The DS has 2 CPUs (GBA and DS one). Next DS should not have GBA slot anymore, just ONE cassette slot. KEEP 2 CPUs in the handheld BUT make them as co-processors ( basically a dual core processor).

    .....The screen could kinda need a few more pixels but not necessary (all the extra CPU horse power and RAM would make stunning graphics on the current screen of the DS).

    That's about it.

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    i'd recommend

    screens should be 384x192
    increased ram, 64mb as above

    definitely 2 processors or more. + more power.

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