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Thread: Genesis Plus 22.03.2007 - Genesis Emu for Gamecube and Wii

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    GC Genesis Plus 22.03.2007 - Genesis Emu for Gamecube and Wii

    Eke-eke has released a new version of Genesis Plus the Genesis emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii

    Heres whats new:

    - added SDCARD subdirectory browsing and LFN (255 char. max) support

    More Info

    Run genplus.dol on Gamecube or WII with your prefered method and then load a rom from bootable DVD or from SDCARD. If you use SDCARD, roms must be placed in a directory called GPROMS. DVD loading doesn't work with dol's sdload method. Read the NFO included for detailled options.

    - accurate & fast genesis emulation with sound
    - improved compatibility (only a few games don't work properly, please report any game issues)
    - SRAM support (save/load game sram on a memory card)
    - serial EEPROM support (used by some games for saving)
    - Savestate support (save/load in-game state on a memory card, 19 blocks needed)
    - 6-buttons full support
    - 2 Players Supported
    - Game Genie Support
    - zipped roms support
    - PAL (50Hz) Genesis support
    - load roms from DVD or SDCARD

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Has anyone gotten this to work on Wii on DVD?

    I use Bootabledisc3 to make the dol into an iso and include the roms.

    The EMU boots, browses roms and loads, but goes black when I try to play.

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    It works perfectly through the sd card, sorry haven't got a clue regarding the dvd way.

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    Unhappy How does that work???

    How can i run/boot the emulator on my wii with the sd-card???

    And what files must be copied on th sd-card???

    Im a really newbie so pls help me if you can.

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    A very great way to play my favourite Sega Games on the Wii !! Amazing !!

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    can somebody please clarify how to get this working,

    Do i need to buy the SD Media launcher - then put the .dol file on the SD card - lauch with the program above then play the roms from the GPROMS folder?

    cheers in advance.

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    Ok i tried this with my SD Media launcher, the file seemed to work as in it loaded up ok, but i couldnt load any roms, now after around 3 times loading it up my sd launcher dosnt seem to regonise the .dol file at all!! :S

    Im pretty sure im doing everything ok as my snes and nes emu's run sweet has anyone else got this working with media launcher?

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