Retractable Metallic Touch Pen Stylus
Manufacturer: DragonPlus
Site: Buy from Goldenshop / Buy from DealExtreme
Price: $6.00

Overview : Retractable stylus to be used as spare or replacement for comfort and easy use.

Features :
  • High quality 3rd party product.
  • Replacement of original stylus pen.
  • Comes with 4pcs Retractable Metal Touch Pen - black, enamel navy, ice blue and white.

Quality/Usability : Having previously owned the original DS (phat), I wasnt too fond of the stylus. The stylus was too thin and too small for my big grubby hands.

Now that I have a DS Lite, the improved stylus is llonger and thicker which is great, but I wanted something a little longer. I wanted something that was a little longer without my fingers going over the top of the stylus. Thats where the Retractable Metallic Touch Pen Stylus came in handy.

The Retractable Metallic Touch Pen Stylus comes in four colors, white, enamel blue, ice blue and black. What happened to pink?! Even though the stylus is made of metallic copper, the weight feels the same as the plastic stylus that comes with the DS Lite.

The stylus is the same as the original stylus but when you extend it, it adds about an extra 3/4". The stylus fits flush with the DS Lite. The top end of the stylus has grooves which allows you to easily grip stylus to pull out of the DS Lite.

Conclusion : Overall, the Retractable Metallic Touch Pen Stylus is a good substitution to the original stylus. If the original stylus is a little small for your hands, I suggest checking out the retractable stylus.

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