The Bitmap Brothers has become part of the team working on the recently-revealed remake of Speedball 2, the Bitmap's popular futuristic brutal sports game from the 1990s.

Mike Montgomery, The Bitmap Brothers founder, is to supervise all steps of development.

Publisher Frogster Interactive, the Speedball 2 remake overlord, has also announced that French studio Kylotonn Entertainment is to actually develop the game and act as co-producer.

In addition, we're informed that Kylotonn is making use the AGEIA physics engine for Speedball 2, meaning "Moveable game objects and spectacular physics gimmicks will be [a] prominent part of the action sports game".

Speedball 2 is currently pencilled in for a Q3 2007 release on PC, and Frogster says the remake "transforms the futuristic game setting with state-of-the-art technology into a high-speed online sports spectacle".

via cvg